The other day a friend asked me if it’s really worth writing a blog. If it is rewarded the effort involved in having to look for information and layout it, several times a week, without charging for it, and also, from time to time, to have criticisms quite cañeras …

Sometimes, I ask myself the same question. Is it worth what I’m doing? Does all this effort make any sense that, today, is not feeding me?

Whatever answer I give to myself, since it varies depending a lot on my mood, I end up relapsing. I go back to writing and telling my things in this place where nobody tells me what to do. Well, if they tell me, but in the end, I do what I consider appropriate.

I think so, it’s worth doing. In the end, it’s a kind of personal diary where I share my experiences with a lot of thousands of anonymous users. It’s nice to see how some thoughts that were in your head before, come to be read by many people, from a lot of distant places in the world. Yes, it is worth it…

I think that anyone who wants to have a blog to earn money will end up leaving because, I can assure you, this is not the fastest way to do it. Anyone who seeks quick fame through a blog will end up leaving it for the same reason. This is not such a massive medium that allows you to become easily recognized. Now, I think that anyone who has a passion, who likes a theme, in my case the design and everything around it, and also likes to investigate and share it without profit, then yes. If you see yourself identified with this profile, go ahead. Create your own blog. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much.


My graphic design blog, my graphic design teacher.
A market as a graphic design blog has been my best teacher. As I have already commented in previous articles, in which I reflected on this same subject, taking a blog forces you to be in constant learning, informing you of everything that happens in your intellectual world and trying to keep up to date. This is, for me, the main reason for this effort, to be up to date and tell things that are real.

Many times I have read that I am exaggerating with titles, or that my articles are presumptuous. It may be, but maybe this is my style, or maybe I don’t have the ability to do it better. Whatever it is, that’s how I know how to do it today and as long as it doesn’t evolve, this will be my way.

I’ve been writing for years, I remember when I was 15 I had leaves and leaves of poetry, written under the inspiration of the great Syd Barrett, I don’t know where all those papers ended up. Now, with the greatness of digital and online, my writings will not be lost, unless a solar storm comes from those who threaten technologies and send me everything to hell .

Anyway, I want to start the week telling all this, because sometimes I like to tell this kind of things. I want to explain to you what it means to have a graphic design blog and encourage you to try it because those of us who write blogs have to read a lot, a lot about what we have to talk about, and if you dare to do it, we will all have it much easier.

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