Passing the test requires determination and a clear focus on the matter. However, the Life in the UK test requires more determination and attention from you.

Unlike other tests, which usually cover only a small range of subjects, this test covers the whole of the UK. You must learn everything about the UK. You need to understand the life of an ordinary UK citizen, as well as his rich heritage, history and how Britain came into being.

Passing the “Life in the UK Test” means that you are eligible for British citizenship and are ready to face the challenges of being a British citizen.

So how do I pass this test?

The first thing, and this is very important, is to learn English. It would be a waste of time and money if you did not understand English because the test is written in English. Hiring an English teacher or attending English classes in schools would greatly help you to take the test quickly.

Basic computer skills are also required as the Life in the UK test is a computer test. Many schools offer free basic computer courses, so it is a good idea to spend some free time attending a class or two.

When you feel that you can understand English, the next thing you need to do is to book an exam at the nearest local training centre. You must pay a fee to register for the exam. You must also receive a copy of the official handbook “The Life in the UK”: Journey to Citizenship”. Make sure you have the latest version because the government updates the manual every year if it notices any errors or will have to make some changes.

The next step is, of course, to study for the test. There are six chapters in the official handbook, each of which describes different aspects of life in the UK, the government, their history and other topics. Make sure you fully understand each chapter because questions about the test will come from this handbook.


If you have completed a book and need or need to verify certain information, you can buy other learning materials from bookstores. If you cannot afford to publish books or CDs, you can also access free information about Life in the UK Test online. Helpful information about the test can be found on the official Life in the UK Test Committee website. You can also find sample tests on some websites. This allows you to practice and at the same time broaden your knowledge of the UK.

Make sure you rest, have a good meal, read and take off your notes and go to bed early before the day of the test comes.

On the day of the test, go to the test centre one hour before the planned test so that you can spread your notes and make some final marks. Don’t be upset and always have a calm mind. Go to the test room as soon as the pastor calls you.

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